Thursday, August 28, 2003

Hi, where am I?

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Martin Kippenberger’s The Happy Ending of Franz Kafka’s "Amerika," takes its inspiration from the 1927 novel, Amerika, by Czech author Franz Kafka. In the concluding chapter of Kafka’s novel, the protagonist attends an employment -recruiting center of gargantuan proportions and, after a long struggle with absurd bureaucratic structures, finally lands a job. The real and surreal are closely related in the world described in Kafka’s novel as they are in Kippenberger’s huge installation. The sheer volume of tables and chairs set up on a "playing field" ready for the "game" of the interview process overwhelms with the vastness and absurdity of its physical presence. Kafka’s bureaucratic machine takes on a humor and pathos in Kippenberger’s hands in his selection of worn-out, cast-off furniture. Like Kafka before him, Kippenberger was both satirist and allegorist of an intolerable human truth: the power of the social order to negate human will.
...................and Matt has a job finally in a bacon factory after an exhaustive interview............Martin K knew..................

To leave the org, turn right and go to:

This not the org, saw the exhibition in Prague, amazing

Images are coming................

Looked at old site last night........Pete's

Must add some more levels

Morning all,

Met Rod at Richmond - great digital camera
Drawings almost ready for Werribee
Level 3 - well!.........Matt has interview today...good luck!!
Have finally worked out 'slides" scanner
Amazing how old work looks good when seen in a different media

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I was offered an immortality "device" on the web
Who would think that "noughts and ones" was enough for immortality!
I still think you need something like the "Venus of Willendorf" to really make it!
Just 11 cms long - an amazing piece

Gabion cages are amazing!
Just need to find some volcanic rocks and especially shades/colours
Galvanised steel works well, flamed and then blackened

Monday, August 25, 2003

Back at the "org'
Studio is now set up in bush, need to arrange the shelving/storage
new Mig welder $649.00
Amazing $19.89 work stands made in Germany from Bunnings
Tractor dudes due on Friday

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