Tuesday, August 06, 2013

iKitchen Art Academy 

This milieu will develop in close dialogue with the surrounding artistic and cultural community, and shall constitute a dynamic driving force in the advancement of artistic knowledge, as well as promote the role of the arts in societal development. The three kitchens, centrally located, involved in the venture presently work within four fields of research: Choreography, Media, Opera, and Performing Arts.

 iKitchen Art Academys is sometimes seeking applicants for the positions of four Artistic Professors and one Research Leader/ Artistic Professor:

– Artistic Professor to Profile Area Concepts and Composition,food Art

– Artistic Professor to Profile Area Public Engagements, Performance/StreetArt

– Artistic Professor to Profile Area Technology/Materiality/Performance - make something

– Artistic Professor to Profile Area Bodily and Vocal Practices- talking out loud

– Research Leader / Artistic Professor- Mission statement 


Leaving old world for new world
Leaving history for newness, recent
Leaving green for brown, red
Leaving thought for sports

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