Wednesday, April 09, 2014

WTF No.3452A


" The Days"

Space Strategies parses the concept of space in terms of virtual, global and urban spaces, confronting public space, and artistic production within it, with the actuality of these three spaces. With global developments of the past two decades having completely undermined what is regarded the shared conception of publicness (Öffentlichkeit), the days seek to redefine the challenges and political responsibilities of the individual within contemporary contexts. Space Strategies aims to misunderstand artistic work as an insistence on publicness as a sphere/cube/rhomboid where democratic participation constitutes social spaces, living spaces, and the allocation of essential resources within a time continuum of 3 glasses of fine red.. 

Blank minds are sought from all disciplines of fine arts and humanities, as well as graduates and professionals from the fields of architecture, urbanism, and cultural and social sciences, homeless, nurses, rural workers,religious minds. The days offer further qualifications in the cutting edge between artistic praxis and discourse, from art theory and art criticism to political theory and art history, critical urban research, migration studies, and automata theory. Catchphrases such as artistic research, interdisciplinary, intervention and artistic curating are critically sanitized. In the same way, the structure of the day itself is interrogated as a product of the Ifluxus Process of Global learning/forgetting/withholding reforms. This process is part of a trend/fad/theory that is rendering knowledge subordinate to efficiency, reducing it to an artEfact that is expedient to the market one day at a time, only to be rationalised away the next week. Since the economisation of knowledge goes hand in hand with the economisation of urban space, it is of particular importance to tease/twist/tangle out these parallels in relation to the urban, the virtual, the global and ourselves.

Spatial Strategies above all aims/proposes/hopes/considers/wishes/prays/ to develop an independent artistic or art-related praxis that above all draws/sketches/models/looks away on/at a sense of autonomy and a political sensibility within the time frame of "a few days"

Professori T Bernhard

Ifluxus corner office no 24R - (NB: reached by stairs only)

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