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A very old post has surfaced......from August 2002.....I had so much time then to reflectm on Fluxus........at the org...

The story begins:

It was during the time of Prince Fredriech that the Fluxus custom of "Schmuckfliese" became popular.
The simple art of giving - and of course the act of applying the Fluxus rules to the gift - meant that a
"Schmuckfliese" had to met all the criteria set by the Prince. These standards have been kept to this day,
always given in sets of 3 to create a powerfull link.

each "Schmuckfliese" celebrates the hard work done by Freidrich in maintaining the movements inertia.

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:: Thursday, August 29, 2002 ::
Luckily, Prince Fredriech, the bastard son of the Baron and Madame Rattshaft was able to
assume leadership of the movement during his mothers grief and fits of laughter.
The lad, who had shown some artistic merit in kindergarten soon saw that Fluxus had an important role
in the visual world of objects and performances. He himself stopped making formal art at the age of 6 years
and devoted himself to developing the movement as an attitude rather than dogma driven.
Word soon spread of the movement as viewers were perplexed by the total
lack of skill,ideas and purpose in the exhibited work around the village
and in surrounding fields.
Of course the authorities becam alarmed at the thought of "inactivity" and "boredom"
as pursuits to applauded.....sure enough the evil hand of censorship was to drive Fluxus underground
where it has remained to this very day. Better to have framed Crap than a casul hint, or side glance.
The movement was to remain secretive and "beneath the radar" until late in the 20th Century.

We owe much to the work ethic of Prince Fredreich -
and his edict that if you make a mistake in typing - leave it - and enjoy the
difference and "freshness" of the letters reborn on a random line of text. .
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:: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 ::
Then after a brief cold the Baron passed away.........with him the drive and vision so necessary in
creating a "movement"........but sure enough.....Madame Rattshaft free of the nunnery took on the task
of holding the next meeting and publicity as well.......small pieces of parchement were soon posted on
village walls.....all with the same message.....
"....Fluxus will free you..."
Word spread......
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The story so far:
Baron Heidrich's Fluxus movement soon gained numbers amongst the bored middle class - most of the
workers were far to busy to be bored - or have time to muse about it.....thinkinging
of tenets of belief was even more difficult.....the thos huge illuminated manuscripts were so distracting
to write/draw/gild into........so he tried scraps of parchements.....then a tailor sugeested writing everything in
chalk....it's there but fades quickly....can be accidently deleted with a wipe of a sleeve.....
perfect for perserving the minutes of the first Fluxus meeting............however sarting the meeting was very difficult
no one could be bothered at all.........no one wanted to record...just wanted the time to pass.....fair enough
said the Baron....the first meeting soon sank to a astounding success
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:: Monday, August 26, 2002 ::
I have decided to write a history of Fluxus - from its early days in Lower Bohemai to its
amazing decline in the 1970's and rapid rise back in the 1980's to its cathartic state in
the beginning of the new Millenium.

It all began with Baron Heidrich of lower Saxony/Fluxhagen - rich nobleman - bright - personable - with a large estate
who woke up one morning and looking out the castle window said to his courtesan Madame Rattshaft,
'God i am bored!!'....she replied WTF....and was immediately dispatched to a nunnery.
Heidrich thought and thought....finally saying " I can't be the only bored thinking adult?".....nad decided to call a meeting
that very day....All who are bored to attend under pain of death and tortue.
Well, the first Fluxus meeting was an astounding success, tales of boredom bebounded off the castle walls.
Heidrichthought!.... I thinks I have a movement here!......but how to organise - be successfull....yet maintain the boredom
which inturn heightens the reality of the everyday??.......tricky
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Well just to be be certain now that - Matt is in the depths of BSSC, and Noah is waiting and Ben is in constant pain:

Fluxus Regional Council Memo 8754.
This blog is solely for the named addressee and may be confidential. You should only read, disclose, transmit, copy, laugh, snigger, throw up, fall asleep in boredom,distribute, act in reliance on or commercialise the contents if you are authorised to do so. If you are not the intended recipient of this blog, please notify Fluxus04 by e-mail immediately, or notify the sender and then destroy/mutilate/appropriate any copy of this days blog only. Views expressed in this blog are those of the individual blogee/blogger except where specifically stated to be those of an officer of Fluxus Regional Council. Fluxus does not represent, warrant or guarantee that the integrity of this communication or mailed Schmuckfliese has been maintained nor that they are free from errors, virus or interference, far from it is
the production of a fragile human mind on a monday morning at the "org'
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